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Restoration, Repairs, Staining, Sanding

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Flooring Services

Precision Wood Flooring You Can Count On

We love what we do! Even more so, we love seeing you, the customer, thrilled with the results of our work! No matter how major or minor a flooring project may be, we always provide the best service possible to the best of our abilities.
Our dedicated and experienced flooring team will walk you through all of the options for any minor or major flooring project.   

Flooring Repairs and Restoration Services

Is your hardwood floor scratched or damaged? If so, the longer you leave your floor in this condition, the worse it will become. The worse it will look too! No worries, though! LG Flooring is completely well equipped to handle the challenge. We’ll repair your floors to make it look like new!

Floor Sanding

A finely sanded floor can bring a tremendous change of appeal to any room. We use the highest quality tools and materials so that the final results are always remarkable.

Floor Staining

Staining hardwood floors takes experience, precision, and a little TLC. Our team understands this. The final results of our stain work project will bring out the grain of the wood while highlighting all those deeply beautiful colors within the floor.

Our Works

LG Flooring will exceed your expectations

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Trust is the foundation of our business and we know that it is earned, not given.
You’ll quickly find us to be reliable, communicative, and honest. We are here to provide you with timely, punctual, and diligent work for all your restoration, repair, sanding, and replacement needs!