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About Us

All Things Hardwood Flooring

When it pertains to your hardwood floors, LG Flooring is your go to! Our meticulous services include:
* flooring repair
* sanding services
* restoration
* staining services
Trusted, proven, and respected in the communities we work within, LG Flooring does it right the first time. Our trained, skilled, and well-equipped team of professionals produce only the finest results for your home.

Why Choose LG Flooring

When we connect, it will be immediately evident that we are an honest, prepared, and easy to work with company. Our team provides you with an informative evaluation and estimate of your flooring situation, no matter how intricate or challenging a project may be. We’ll discuss your budget, concerns, and timeframes as well as answer any other questions you may have. Your floors are our floors.

Built on Trust

Trust is the foundation of our business and we know that it is earned, not given.
You’ll quickly find us to be reliable, communicative, and honest. We are here to provide you with timely, punctual, and diligent work for all your restoration, repair, sanding, and replacement needs!        
You can rest assured that LG Flooring will exceed your expectations and always leave you happy with the final results. 


Meet Our Expert Hardwood Flooring Team

Lou Pronio, Owner

Lou is half owner of LG Flooring since 2018, along with his brother, Gary. He manages the business, works on site, and goes on consultations with customers. You’re likely to meet Lou first when scheduling. He’s been in the flooring business for over 3 years.
Lou and his wife Rachel live in Washington, PA. They have a daughter, Lucy, and Lou attributes all of his hard work towards making a better life for her. In his spare time he enjoys spending it with Lucy and Rachel, watching Netflix, and giving back to others.

Gary Pronio, Owner

Since 2018 Gary has co-owned LG Flooring with his brother, Lou. Along with being half owner, Gary’s main job is Project Manager. He oversees projects, and interacts/informs customers on products. He has been in the flooring industry for over 6 years.
Gary and his wife Tanya reside in Etna. They have 3 children, Luke, Gary, and Kaitlyn. 
In Gary’s spare time he enjoys vacationing, sports, and exploring a variety of new beers.  

We Don't JUST Do Flooring!

At Lg Flooring, the Pronio brothers aren’t just about repairing, sanding, staining, and installing flooring…THEY LIVE IT!
LG Flooring offer seminars, training sessions, and also do certifications. The flooring industry is constantly changing, but the brothers always stay up to date on the latest products, techniques, and equipment.